Jämlikhetskommittén, JämK – Chalmers Equality Committee

JämK (Jämlikhetskommittén) is the Equality Committee at the student union at Chalmers University of Technology.

This year (2023/2024), we are a committee of seven students from four different programmes. Accumulated, the group has several years of experience from student divisional and unional commitments, including divisional equality committees, student division boards, student spirit/festivities committees and more. 

We have several projects planned this year. Our operation largely consists of supporting and promoting collaboration between the divisional equality committees. Beyond this, we are currently working with the initiative to provide free tampons and pads in the student union building (Johanneberg). Other areas of focus will be accessibility, inclusion and incident management. Concerning accessibility, we will look into students’ experiences with study support. To make campus a more inclusive environment, we will create a modernised dress code guide and hope to update the dress code regarding the Chalmers hat. Finally, we will publish a survey to gather information on incidents on campus, partially as a follow-up on a similar investigation done by the student union during MeToo. 

On Instagram we highlight certain days (for example the International Women’s and Men’s day) and we hope to inform and create discussion on the topics.

Beside the operational activities, we will host several events this study year. There will be pubs and lunch lectures throughout the year. And in February, during Valentine’s Day week, the Equality Week will take place. It will be a week filled with a wide variety of events with a general focus on inclusivity and equality. 

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